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Other flute links

flute links
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This is a select list of links to more general flute sites which may be of interest to Irish flute players. Please advise me if a link below is incorrect or has been changed.

+ Larry Krantz has a site rich with flute information and references. It is possible to join the FLUTE mailing list from this site and access its FAQs; although predominantly for classical players, there is much of interest for traditional players as well.

+ Terry McGee's site has a list of historical links to complement his studies and anlysis of 8 keyed flute designs.

+ CIMCIM (Comité International des Musées et Collections d'Instruments de Musique, or International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections) has recently published an online version of The Care of Historic Musical Instruments edited by Robert L Barclay. Thanks to flute maker Terry McGee for sharing this information.

+ The 2Measures web site has a list of links to a wide range of classical and world flute sites.

+ Some pictures and descriptions of flutes and whistles in Edinburgh University's Historical Musical Instrument Collection.

+ More pictures and descriptions of flutes, from the Dayton C. Miller collection in Washington DC.

+ Some pictures and descriptions of flutes from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Search on "flutes".

+ A history of the flute can be found at Ardel Powell's

+ Some pictures from Xory's private collection.

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Mary Fox
Mary Fox, Belfast, at her wedding.

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