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Irish flute links

flute links
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This is a select list of links to some related Irish flute sites which I have found either useful or interesting. Many of these sites have more comprehensive links. Please advise me if a link below is incorrect or has been changed.

+ Brad Hurley's site is an invaluable mine of practical information, including interviews with experienced players, advice on buying a flute, a comprehensive list of makers and a list of prominent flute players. Brad's site now includes a flute exchange and a list of stolen flutes.

+ Rob Greenway has an excellent practical and informative site aimed at those learning to play Irish music on the simple system flute. The link is to an archive of the site as it apears to no longer be hosted.

+ Michael Robinson's Standing Stones site gives a comprehensive history of the flute and how it came to arrive in the Irish tradition.

+ The Wooden Flute Home Page has good links and information. There are also instructions for joining the wooden flute mailing list which mostly deals with traditional flute playing issues.

+ The Chiff and Fipple flute forum has plenty of discussion on all things related to Irish flute playing, including a thread on YouTube clips. There are also discussion boards on other instruments and extensive information on whistle playing.

+ Paul Mulvaney, a flute player and teacher in the Boston area of the USA, has made insightful contributions on playing technique to email discussion groups. His classnotes for a lecture given at the 2003 New England Folk Festival Irish flute workshop have now been written up and made available on Larry Owen's Woodenfute site.

+ Michael Clarkson is a terrific Belfast flute player whose blog focuses on playing and recording tunes for people to learn. The performances are free to download from his site and are available through iTunes. He even does requests.

+ Terry McGee is a flute maker whose site covers history, maintainance, and recording practicalities. His site is also home to the Rudall and Rose survey.

+ James Peeples has a site which compares different flutes and whistles. He also has a useful discussion on playing the flute in Irish traditional music.

+ A fingering chart for simple system flutes can be found on the Woodenflute site, based on that by Australian flutemaker Terry McGee.

+ A resource in Japanese is Hatao's web site, which has a version of the discography found in The Flow. There is further information on the Irish flute in Japanese on and he also has a blog that features podcasts of his performances

+ Raf Goethals organises Irish flute workshops in Belgium and has more information at his Berkenhage site.

+ Flute maker Casey Burns has written some useful FAQs for those looking to buy a new flute from a maker.

+ Martin Doyle is a flute maker whose web site features recordings of musicians playing his instruments. Desi Wilkinson, Mick Hand and Ronan Browne are some of those featured and the site also contains other flute-related information.

+ Not specifically Irish, but some photos taken by Malcolm Reavell at the Scottish Flute School weekend in Aberdeen in November 2001. There are currently no captions for these, but the tutors included Chris Norman, Niall Keegan and Eddie Maguire.

+ Again not Irish, but of interest, Henrik Norbeck has written about the simple system flute in traditional music in his native Sweden. The original article is in Swedish, but he also provides a summary in English.

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Mary Fox
Mary Fox, Belfast, at her wedding.

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