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The Flow archive 2002

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December 2002

+ The following sites have been added to the links page:

+ Lesl Harker's flute-friendly Welsh ABCs; Hans Bracker's ABC transcriptions of Scottish collections, including some arranged for the flute; flute restorer David Migoya's site featuring several projects; and finally some UK-based online shops, and

November 2002

+ Music for The Corofin Plain Set has been added to the set dance music section.

+ Another caption to a photograph has been updated. Thanks to Andy Gregory for additional information.

+ Dianna Boullier's Exploring Irish Music and Dance has been added to the printed resources

October 2002

+ Entries have been added to the discography for both Jack Coen and Christine Dowling.

+ A link to Mike and Mary Rafferty's website has now been added to the discography details.

+ Some captions to photographs have been added or updated. Thanks to Rachel Howitt and Bernie Stocks for additional information.

+ A news and events page has been added, with November's Highland Flute Weekend in Nethybridge as the first entry.

+ A link to some photographs taken at last year's Scottish Flute School in Aberdeen has been added to the links page.

September 2002

+ The site has been restructured and redesigned to be easier to navigate with the introduction of new menu and submenu items. The site colour schemes and graphics have also been tweaked and optimised for greater clarity and shorter download times.

+ The site has been designed for version 4+ browsers and has been tested on both Mac and Windows platforms. The site should work on other platforms and browsers, but probably won't look as nice.

+ An updates log has been added.

+ A site map has been added.

+ The discography content has been expanded to include web and email contacts for individual recordings or artists where applicable. This is in recognition of the fact that many recordings can be difficult to come by and that some musicians are now attempting to market their own recordings themselves.

+ The discography has also been further broken down to provide smaller file sizes.

+ The resources section has been reorganised and now includes a small ABC database of tunes complied for set dancing. These are all flute-friendly versions of tunes I put together a few years ago for the set dancers of The Southside Traditional Dance and Music Society in Edinburgh.

+ There is a new short section on the background to the site, who I am and how to contact me.

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Rachel Howitt
Rachel Howitt at The White Stag, Leeds

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