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About The Flow

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    The Flow is a personal appreciation of traditional Irish flute playing styles and takes its name from a description once given to the style of the late Paddy Carty.

This site came about after the realisation that many of the flute players I had come across outside Ireland appeared to be unaware of the many different options and styles of playing which exist within Irish traditional music. It occured to me that an awareness of these styles had the potential be useful in developing a traditional flute player's own musical voice.

I have been playing Irish and Scots traditional music on the flute and whistle since the early 1980s. I favour a rhythmic approach to my playing, but remain influenced by many players of different styles. Most of my playing is in sessions in Edinburgh, where I live, but I also play for Irish dance group Absolutely Legless across Europe and the UK and Scots ceilidh band The Big Squeeze closer to home. I have also played for Irish set dance classes in Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh Folk Festival and at The Edinburgh Fiddle Festival.


A musicianship tutor for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama's Musicworks traditional music project in Craigmillar, Edinburgh, I also teach classes and individuals in whistle and flute and have taught at the Adult Learning Project's Scots Music Group in Edinburgh. The Portobello Flute Group meets regularly in the east of Edinburgh. Let me know if you are interested in attending.

When not playing music, I spend my time as a Primary school teacher and music workshop leader. You can find out more about my music at Reverbnation, MySpace and also at the Ormeau Café project page.

You can get in touch with me here:


In Sandy Bell's, Edinburgh
In Sandy Bell's bar, Edinburgh.

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